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Our answers to all of your questions

We’ve done our best to answer all of your most common questions when it comes to printing. But if there’s something we haven’t answered, feel free to email us at

What type of inks are used?

All inks in the digital arena are water-based biodegradable and sustainable

Is digital printing the same as screen printing?

Digital and screen printing are two totally separate processes. Digital is usually for small volumes and screen printing is for large volumes (300+)

How quickly do you fullfil orders?

Our target is that all orders received by midnight are processed and shipped the next day

You offer so many garments ...I don't know where to start?

We can recommend garments that fit your budget or quality expectations. The garments in our product deck are the most common choices of our customers.

When should you use transfers?

Some garments are not suitable for digital or screen printing, but we are able to decorate using transfers instead. For example, Beanie Hats, Jogging Pants and Onesies.

How long does it take to get a webstore live?

If you have your artwork organised, and your choice of garments made, Retro can be live and integrated with your webstore within 3 hours.

Why do I have to fill in an account form?

We need to know who we are dealing with, where you are based, the phone numbers, VAT and company information. This is standard operating procedure for any company. We need this information before we can start production.

Is Retro a big company?

Retro turn over circa £2m per annum. We have the capacity to screen print 25,000 garments a week. We are able to fold and bag 20,000 shirts a week and have around £1m worth of printing and garment processing equipment in a 35,000 sq. ft property.

Will you definitely be able to manage and fulfil my order?

Retro only take on what we can service. Our years of experience has taught us what we can manage and when to say no... We no longer service the huge music tour industry, simply because it is totally unpredicatable and can decimate production schedules. Instead, we regularly do service small and medium size tours.

Are you based in the USA?

We are based in the UK but service many accounts who are based in the USA.

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