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Downloadable Resources

If you’re new to the world of print on demand, the process can seem a bit daunting to begin with. Which is why we’ve created some downloadable guides as well as art templates to help you in your printing journey.


Whether you’re a entrepreneur starting your own clothing line, or a musician/band looking to print your tour merchandise, this page should have everything you need to get started and help you along the way. 


Read This First!

Before going any further we suggest downloading a FREE copy of our Print on Demand Introductory Guide. This gives an overview on all the most commonly asked questions about the printing process, as well as working with us.


A great place to start!


Product Catalogue

Once you’re familiar with the printing process you can download a copy of our UK & Europe Product catalogue which showcases all of our available garments and products! 


Design Templates

In order for us to ahieve the best result possible, it’s important for your art to be at the best size and quality.That’s why we’ve created some useful free design templates for you to use.

T-Shirt Art Template

• 300dpi

• Maximum print size 32cm x 50cm

• FileTypes: psd, png, jpeg eps,

• Colour Format: RGB

• Transparent Background


T-Shirt Mockup Template

A free T-shirt mockup template to help you and us visualise your printed garment and for use on your webstore.


Mug Art Template

• 300dpi

• Size 180mm x 90mm

• FileTypes: psd, png, jpeg

• Colour Format: RGB

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