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Machinery for Sale - grab yourself a great bargain

Updated: May 7, 2019

Grab yourself an amazing bit of kit 👌


This is a great dryer for any small or medium digital machine and will also service the needs of 1 or 2 hand screen-printing carousels.

The dryer is in superb condition "like new" comes to mind. This machine has only had light use and was fully serviced before we decommissioned it last May and we take excellent care of our machinery.

If you have limited space and need a digital or carousel dryer this one is a no brainer. Economical to run, very efficient...the heat stays in the dryer unlike a conveyor.

The new price from Adelco for this dryer is £12600 plus Vat. We are now selling because we have recently installed our new Adelco twin belt new dryer to cope with the Kornit Storm Hexa digital printer we recently purchased.

Make us an offer now - message us here or contact


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