• Siobhan McEvoy-Ridley

Scarlet Band - T-shirts

A lovely mention from local band Scarlet for the t-shirts we printed - thank you :)

"What a night 😍 You may or may not know it was our EP launch at the Waterfront Studios last night and we have never seen that room so full😮😮 We wanted to make a post to just say a massive thank you to every single member of the audience who stayed to listen to our set, everyone who bought tickets to see us and all the other amazing bands. A huge thank you to Engraphics for all your help getting the merch and printing sorted, to Retro Activewear for sorting our awesome t-shirts, to Band CD's for making our EPs for us and a huge huge thank you to Holly Rant and Matthew George for designing the artwork and merch for us 😘"

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Check out this awesome charity @sameyouorg - they do such amazing work. It was a real pleasure to do the t-shirts for you guys. Well done and good luck 💚 ⁣ SameYou 💜 .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #tshirtprinting

We have been very busy over the last year. Covid brought its challenges and still does but strangely it has been one of our busiest years. We are working harder than ever to provide our usual excellen